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Welcome to the Gallery of the Hegenbart collection!

Part of Hegenbart´s Living Room

Here you will find:

Rare and collector items: Rugs and Woven Bags



Explanatory notes to the photos:

You can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them.

The photos were not taken in a studio but were taken indoors and outdoors and therefore have the usual perspective distortion.

The pictures were photoshopped, the background was edited to a white colour and the distortion was corrected. Unfortunately one or the other fringe were cut off in the process and sometimes there is some shooting-background visible between the fringes. For this we apologize.

Sometimes the pictures of larger carpets show a shadow-effect in the lower part. This is due to the lighting conditions during the photo shooting and not a property of the carpet itself.

Stand: 20.01.2015