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Author and Journalist Heinz Hegenbart

Parallel to his occupation as an architect, Heinz Hegenbart was not only an ambitioned collector of oriental textile art, but he also addressed himself to the art of oriental knotwork and weaves as author and journalist with intense commitment.

With analytical competence and a thorough, detailed approach, he developed an analytical method for describing oriental weaves and knotworks. This is evident in his books as well as in his articles for "Heimtex" (today: Carpet XL), which at the time was the principal journal in Germany for home interior decoration with oriental textile art.


The following pages contain his completed book-publications and some articles which were published in "Heimtex" and are still relevant today. 

Furthermore there is a series of articles concerning the "carpet-pioneers" Strauss and Reichert in Sultanabad and the carpet manufacturer Ziegler.


One early book and an unfinished late manuscript concerning the patterns of oriental rugs have not been published. This manuscript was given to the Museum of Islamic Art, Berlin.


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