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Carpet Pioneers of the 19th Century

Theodor Strauss in Sultanabad (Source: Heimtex 06/90, p. 80)

Hegenbart wrote a series of articles on the "carpet pioneers" Strauß and Reichert in Sultanabad, which was published in "Heimtex" (today: Carpet XL)

Extensive research and correspondence with their descendants were a basis of these articles. Some of these articles are still posted up on the German language version. Please change to this version, if you want have a look at them. An English language version we hope to post up soon.

The research documents were given to Museum of Islamic Art, Berlin.

The archives for this research contained carpet designs, which probably were created by B.R.W & Co, New York for the East-Indian Trade Company S.J. Tellery & Co., New York. The connection betweenStrauss/Reichert and the carpet designs has yet to be figured out.

You can view a selection of these wonderful illustrations at "Carpet Designs".

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