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The Private Collection of Heinz Hegenbart and Erika Hegenbart-Richter

Heinz Hegenbart

Heinz Hegenbart, architect, (1929 – 2006),  together with his wife Erika Hegenbart-Richter (1927 - 2005) counts as one of the greatest German collectors of oriental rugs, bags and textiles. As an expert, author and journalist he contributed to the increasing recognition of oriental textile-art in German language area during the second part of the 20th century.

Best known are his two publications "Rare Oriental Woven Bags" (1982, eds. Adil Besim, Vienna) and "Anatolian Village-Rugs at the End of Sultanate" (1996, eds. Herbert und Eva Bieler, Vienna). The latter was edited in the German language only.

During a period of ten years he wrote a large number of articles for the former German trade journal "Heimtex" (today: Carpet XL), which at the time specialized in the art and culture of home interior decoration with oriental textiles.

A considerable part of his comprehensive collection was purchased by the company Adil Besim, Vienna, with which Heinz Hegenbart had a long standing business relation.

Here, on this website, you will find a selected part of Hegenbart´s collection.

An interesting feature is the significant number of rug-designs, which Hegenbart archived in the context of his research concerning the rug-pioneers Strauss and Reichert in Sultanabad.


All exponats, with some exceptions,  can be  purchased privately and directly from Andreas Hegenbart.


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Published Books

Rare Oriental Woven Bags - German, English
Anatolische Dorfteppiche vom Ende des Sultanats (Anatolian Village-Rugs at the end of Sultanate), German only

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